About our trustees

Following Trustees were nominated in Ishwar Ashram Trust at time of Registration of Trust on 04 May 1992 after Mahasamadhi of Shaivacharya Swami Lakshmanjoo Maharaj as per Will of Gurudev:

  • Sh. Brij Nath Kaul S/o Sh. Late Bala Kaul  – Trustee 
  • Sh. S.P. Dhar S/o Late Sh. S.S. Dhar – Trustee ( Expired  23 /4/2016)
  • Sh. Inder Krishan Raina S/o Late Sh. B.D. Raina- Trustee/Secretary
In addition to above Trustees decided to nominate on Board of Trustees Sh ML Sopori S/O Lt J.L Sopori at time of Registration of Ishwar Ashram Trust Deed .Trustee 1992-1993 ( Expired 2020 ) Subsequently as per requirement more Trustees were nominated on Board of Trustees from time to time .

Present Trustees

    1. Sh. Brij Nath Kaul           – Trustee  Mobile  1912463000
    2. Sh. Inder Krishan Raina- Trustee  Mobile 9419186675
    3. Dr. Anusheel Munshi    – Secretary /Trustee Mobile  9311611344
    4. Sh Vijay Kumar Kaul   – Trustee  Mobile  9419005689
    5. Dr. Deepak Sharma    – Trustee  Mobile  7869505209
    6. Sh MK Pandita           – Trustee  Mobile  7006051249