Birthday / Varsh Celebrations Of Shaivacharya Swami Lakshmanjoo Maharaj

One of the most memorable events in the annual calendar of the ashram was the celebration of Swamiji’s birthday, which, according to the lunar calendar, would fall on Vaishakha Krishna Dwadeshi usualiy in the month of (April). Although, Swamiji’s birthday was specially celebrated from his childhood itself, however people started congregating in large numbers after he moved to Ishber Ashram in Nishat. By the early sixties people would come to attend his birthday celebration in thousands.

On the auspicious day, the gates of the ashram would be opened at 5 a.m. Large numbers of devotees from India and abroad would wait for that special moment. Inside, amidst the sprawling lush lawns with fruit trees and flowerbeds, the devotees would be drawn under a hypnotic spell. Swamiji would come down from his room, quietly walk to the dais under a special tree, and immediately sit in lotus posture for meditation. Within a few minutes he would go into samadhi (deep meditation) and sometimes remaining in that state for up to three hours.

This was the only time of the year that Swamiji used to meditate in public. It was a rare opportunity for the devotees to have darshan of the master in this exalted state. The recitation of sacred hymns would continue until Swamiji came out of Samadhi (meditation). Afterwards devotees would sing devotional hymns or recite poems of their own compositions in praise of the master. This was followed by Swamiji personally placing the sacred mark (tilak) on the forehead of all devotees.

Thousands of devotees  were served prasad until late in the evening.

In the evening everyone would look forward to the bhajan and dance programme where all the devotees used to dance and sing in front of Swamiji.

Swamiji would also celebrate his solar birthday (Varsh) on the 9th of May, (as per the Gregorian calendar). Although this was celebrated on a relatively smaller scale, still, a few hundred devotees would come and have prasad and receive his divine blessings. This function marked the conclusion of the annual birthday celebrations

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Maintaing the Tradition Ishwar Ashram Trust Celebrates Annually  Birthday on Vaishakha Krishna Dwadeshi in the Month of April and Varsh Celebrations on 9 May  ) of Shaivacharya Swami Lakshmanjoo Maharaj  at Ishwar Ashram ,Ishber ,Nishat ,Srinagar  ( Date As per Calender of Activities )



  1. Guru Puja 10 am  -12noon
  2. Aarti  –  12noo-12.15 Pm
  3. Prashad Vitran  – 1pm -2.30 pm