Places of Interest:- Sadhu Ganga , Handwara ,Kashmir

This is a forest hermitage where Swamiji spent time in seclusion  for a couple of months  during his youth  in 1920s .

This place  has a spring surrounded by some small huts. Sadhu Ganga is located near the village of Kandi Khas, in the Handwara district, about 12 kilometers from Kupwara and 65 kilometers from Srinagar .

History  of this place  goes back to hundreds of years as many Saints visited this place  for sadhna/Practice . Earliest being one saint named Sedmole . Due to deep meditation saint was blessed by Lord Shiva and Maa Ganga . With blesssings of Maa Ganga Sedmole dug various springs in this area including Naran Nag .

Presently this place is managed by Shri Sadhu Ganga Ashtapan Trust .