Affiliates – Kashmir Shaiva Institute

Kashmir Shaiva Institute was founded by Shaivacharya  Lakshmanjoo  Maharaj in 1969 in Guptganga,Srinagar,Kashmir with the assistance of Maharaja Karan Singh, who provided a Lecture Hall in Guptganga to Preach and Propagate Kashmir Shaiva Philosophy.

This Institute was also visited by prominent scholars of Indian, western and  scholars of Kashmiri Pandit Community  like Prof Jaidev Singh , Dr Param hans Mishra , Dr. Alexis Sanderson, Oxford University, Dr.Mark S.G.Dyczkowski , Prof Nilkanth Gurutu ,Prof Janki Nath Kaul  .

Swamiji himself conducted classes for various Indian and western Scholars and for his devotees on Sundays for almost 2 decades in Ishber Ashram and Gupta ganga, Srinagar.

In order to propagate further the Philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism, Ishwar Ashram Trust revived the Kashmir Shaiva Institute in November 2013.

The 1st Residential workshop on Kashmir Shaivism was successfully organized by the Institute at Sarita Vihar, New Delhi in Dec 2013.

During the last 09 years several Workshops, Seminars and Symposiums have been organized by the Institute in various parts of India.

On 7 Jan 2022  Kashmir Shaiva Institute  was formally Registered as a Trust at  Jammu and has commenced initially  online  short term term programs for revival  and Propagation of Ancient Kashmir Shaiva Philosophy in a formal manner .

Sanskrit language Online learning Courses  shall also be offered by Institute shortly .

Subsequently long term formal courses shall be offered in affiliation with  other Universities.

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