Places of Interest Guptganga Temple

Guptganga Temple Complex   is  Located at a walking distance ( 700 mts aprox )  from Ishber Ashram Ishber, this ancient temple complex has two ancient  sacred springs within its premises. The smaller spring has three idols of Shiva, Parvati, and Ganesh.

Adjacent to the springs is the Lecture  Hall of the Kashmir Shaiva Institute that Dr. Karan Singh facilitated for the propagation of Kashmir Shaivism. Swamiji often used this lecture hall for his Sunday  lectures  for nearly 2 decades in 1970s- 1980s .

Guptganga Temple Complex also  has Lord Shiva temple ,a   Yajna /Havan Shala where Swamiji performed His Master’s  Swami Mehtabkak  Mahasamadhi  Yajna Havan twice a year.