Places of Interest: Gopi Titrath – Nishat

Gopi Tirath is an Ancient Shrine located  on foothills of Zabarwan Mountains on uphill side of Nishat Garden .This sacred place has been visted by great Shaiva Masters .

Ishwar Ashram Trust  has done renovation work along with philanthropist Dr MK Razdan  and is maintaining this complex .

This Shrine has one ancient renovated Temple dedicated  to Lord Shiva and a newly constructed temple of Lord Ganesha  and an ancient spring within the complex.

Ishwar Ashram Trust has plans to construct Meditation Complex and Cottages  for   undertaking Practice at this serene and pious location in near future .

Located at the foothills of the Zaberwan mountain range, just above the village of Nishat, this is a sacred place frequented by Shaiva masters for centuries. The facility has been renovated, and meditation rooms have been constructed.