Mahasamadhi Celebrations /Annual Yajna Of Shaivacharya Swami Lakshmanjoo Maharaj

On  27th September 1991 (Ashwin Krishna Paksha), the earthly life of great Sage of Ishber, the doyen of Shaiva Agama and the Lion of Kashmir Shaivism  came to a peaceful end. This was also the fourth day (chaturthi) of pitri paksha, a most auspicious period for departing from this world.

Before leaving his body, Swamiji spoke these immortal words of wisdom to one of his close disciples:

“When I finally vacate this body, you should weep externally, but only for the sake of others. For my sake you should rejoice as I have finally been released from the burden of rebirth and death. Henceforth I shall remain eternally in the lap of Shiva.”

These words of Acharya Abhinavagupta concretely express the earthly life of Swamiji:

“There are some beings who are enlightened only for (the sake) of their own liberation, whereas there are others who are enlightened for the sake of redeeming the whole world.  Just as a firefly shines only for itself, jewels shine for others, the stars shine for more, the moon shines for still more, and the sun bestows light on the whole universe.”

Holiness Swami Lakshmanjoo Maharaj was indeed such a Sun.

Ishwar Ashram Trust conducts an Annual Yajna on occasion of Mahasamadhi Celebrations  (Ashwin Krishna Paksha) usually in September month    of  Shaivacharya  Swami lakshamanjoo Maharaj at Ishwar Ashram Havanshala at Ishber , Nishat , Srinagar ,Kashmir . ( Date As per Calender of Activities )


  1. Yajna /Havan  8 am  -5 Pm
  2. Aarti  –  5.30  Pm
  3. Prashad Vitran  – 6.30pm  -8 pm