Places of Interest Upper Ishber Ashram of Swami Lakshmanjoo Maharaj (1934 -1962)

Shaivacharya  Swami Lakshmanjoo  stayed  at this Ashram along with his parents from 1934-1962  a double storey building  constructed  by his father Pt Narayan Dass Raina and practised sadhna , Kashmir Shavism  here along wih writing commentaries various texts  like  Sri Sambpanchashika  and SriKramnyapradipika  .

This place on upper hill  was not  very frequently visited by devotees and disciples .

Adjoining  this place is a small Building named Gods House , here Swamiji  used to have  his Sadhna /Practice  on every  Monday .

Upper Ishber Ashram is a pleasant 20-minute walk from the Ishwar Ashram,Nishat  and is located at upper Ishber. Although the original structure is still intact, it is now private property of Swamijis Devotee  only  accessible with  special permission .