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Ishwar Ashram is Located about 20 kms from Srinagar Airport near famous Mughal Nishat  Garden . Buses from Srinagar City Center ply to main Srinagar Nishat – Shalimar Garden Road  at regular intervals . Ashram is just 100mts uphill the main road .  Taxis are Available from Airport  and Srinagar City Center to Ashram .




Summer ( March to June )- Warm and Pleasant – 15 to 32 Degree

Autum   ( July to Sept )    -Cool and enjoyable – 12 to 18 Degree

Winter ( October to Feb  )- Winter but beautiful -2  to 13 Degree


Visitors are requested to kindly respect the local culture by wearing the clothing that covers complete knees and shoulders while coming to the Ashram .

Visitors should carry woolens in Autumn /winter months .

Mobile Phones are to be kept in strictly switch off mode at all times in Ashram Premisis


Swamiji’s Residence

Swami Lakshmanjoo shifted from Upper Ishber Ashram to  Ishwar Ashram in 1962  and stayed here till  his Mahasamadhi in 1991 . The main building of the Ashram is double-storeyed with exposed brickwork, almost in the form of a cube. The short entrance staircase opens into the verandah. Initially, this was an open area, covered in 1990-91 to form an enclosed structure. Swamiji would sit on the patio during the mornings and evenings and meet with devotees and visitors.

Swamiji’s bedroom is located on the first floor, with windows facing south towards the ashram garden. Adjacent to his bedroom is his meditation room that faces east. Above the ground floor verandah, on the western side, is a closed balcony and storeroom.

Note: This area is not open for public access.  


Satsang Hall

Located near the southeast gate (now closed) of the Ashram is a Two storied Building with  Satsang hall on first floor  where Swamiji delivered discourses to scholars who would come to learn various Shaiva texts under his guidance. The walls of this hall are adorned with pictures of Swamiji, his Master and Grand Master, his parents, Lord Shiva, and various saints of Kashmir and India. These pictures have been preserved exactly as they were during the life of the Master.

This hall is set aside for meditation, regular evening prayers, and Sunday puja. The ground floor has two smaller rooms and a small  kitchen.

Timings : 7am – 7pm


Parabhairava Dham

In 1989, under Swamiji’s detailed instructions, a new structure was built, which was named Parabhairava-dhaam (Throne of Bhagwan Bhairava). Having an octagonal shape, it surrounds the ‘Samadhi Tree’ under which Swamiji meditated on his birthdays in earlier years.

Note: This area is not open for public access.  


Tea House (Pavilion)

Located on the western side of the Ashram is an open wooden tea-house, fondly called the “Pavilion.” Swamiji would often sit and take his meals here during the summer months.

After 1980 Swamiji also used this Pavilion for early morning meditation during his annual birthday celebration. This was also the venue for Swamiji’s meeting with important dignitaries.

Note: This area is not open for public access.  


Glass House

With multiple glass windows, this small structure was used to store plants and seedlings during the long winter months. Among other sundry uses, this single room structure also served as the residential room for the tailor who came to make clothes for Swamiji on his birthday each year. Originally from one of Swamiji’s father’s houseboats, this structure was shifted in 1933 to the first Ashram (located at upper Ishber) and later (1962) placed in the present Ashram.

Note: This area is not open for public access.